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Chettinad Cuisinen – Delectable Dishes of South India

Each state in Southern India has a diverse range of dishes that are sure to impress. Chettinad Cuisine, for example, is one of many must-try regional Indian cuisines. Chettinad Cuisine is thought to be one of the spiciest in India. According to legend, the Chettiars introduced the cuisine to Tamil Nadu. A flood in the eighth century prompted a mass exodus of Chettiars from the Coromandel Coast to the hot and arid region of Tamil Nadu. These Chettiars were masters of spice export to countries such as Java, Burma, Ceylon, and Mauritius, and their involvement in the trade is credited with the widespread use of spices in cuisine.

Chettinad Cuisine preparations are often simple and bring out a perfect balance of flavors, as they are loaded with pepper and extensive use of bold and indigenous spices such as star anise, Marathi mokku (dried flower pods), and kalpasi (stone flower). Also, the Chettinad Cuisine combines various Asian spices to create delectable curries and stews. Meat preparations are a highlight of the cuisine. The rich gravy is enhanced by the addition of coconut, garlic, tomatoes, and ginger. Spices are traditionally ground with a grinding stone. Some of the popular dishes in the Chettinad cuisine include Chicken Chettinad, Kozhakattai urlai roast, and Paniyaram. In this cuisine, the meals are served on banana leaves with pickles, salads, papads, and buttermilk.

 Chicken Chettinad might be one of the most popular ones but mutton dishes can often steal the show. Chettinad lamb curry is an amalgamation of styles. Fusing the strong flavors and tastes of the Southern Indian Tamil region with a westernized style of quick curry cooking, the dish is normally fairly dark, with plenty of tasty gravy. Fresh curry leaves have a slightly bitter flavor and a strong, pungent aroma. They are typically added to the dish’s oil right at the start. When fried, they release their aromatic flavor into the oil and crisp up, giving the dish a really intense curry flavor. Chettinad Cuisine is a fairly oily dish, and, as with most curries, seasoned oil or ghee is used to increase the richness. The addition of dried chillis to Chettinad Cuisine, however, is also one reason why it is so spicy. The chilli is also roasted, which allows it to infuse into the oil and give the sauce a spicy flavor. If you don’t like hot food or prefer to avoid chilli, Chettinad Cuisine is not the curry for you. Chettinad Cuisine is not delicate in the least. In fact, it is really rich.

Strong umami flavors combine with strong onion and garlic flavors. The dish has a subtle sweetness undercut by the inclusion of both sugar and coconut. Almost as good as the meat is the thick dark gravy. If you enjoy wiping your plate with Indian bread, such as naan, chapati, or roti, this is the curry for you. Visit your nearest Amma’s South Indian restaurant, and just enjoy Chettinad cuisine of your choice.

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