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Traditional Indian fried bread Poori

The heart of the Indian cuisine lies in its breads. Indian cuisine is known for both leavened and unleavened flatbread.   These Indian breads help you scoop up the delicious curries and gravies that are paired with them. Of course, the most common ones like the naan, tandoori roti, dosa, aapam  and parathas are world-famous but here’s an ultimate to breads of India that’ll leave you craving for more. This is a deep-fried Indian bread, and its origin is also in the Indian subcontinent only. The word Puri comes from the Sanskrit word ‘Purika’, which means filled. Other than India, Puri is also popular in Bangladesh, Nepal, Burma, Pakistan, Singapore, and Malaysia. It is deep-fried in oil but still is considered a light meal.

Poori is the most commonly made bread in Indian homes during a celebratory occasion. Be it aamras that is paired with it during the mango season or shrikhand or the classic potato curry, this deep-fried, small puffed up bread can be eaten for breakfast as well as lunch. Poori is simple unleavened bread made from just whole wheat flour, salt, and water. These are only three ingredients you need. A bit of oil or ghee can be added to the whole wheat dough optionally. The dough is not leavened or fermented, so it’s a wonderfully quick and easy bread to make. The poori dough can also be made with different variations- some are made with plain whole-wheat flour, some with a mix of semolina to add a crunchy texture, and some poori recipes contain milk instead of water to make puffed yet soft pooris.  The dough of a poori is always harder than chapati dough. The dough is rolled into discs and deep fried for golden, slightly crispy puri bread that tastes amazing with potato curry, chana masala, and even halwa!

The small, round fluffy and soft poori is one of the most versatile fried breads that pack in incredibly simple, yet immensely pleasing flavors and textures. Quite obviously, it is one of the most popular and well-loved Indian breads across all age groups. It is a delicious dish to enjoy with almost any main dish.

Piping hot pooris are undoubtedly the most perfect accompaniment to a host of Indian entree dishes, both sweet and savory. No Indian festive meal is complete without these delectable pooris. Another very popular fried bread, similar to pooris, to go with curries,  is bhature. This tastes fantastic with chickpea curry and, in fact, makes for a well-known street food called chole bhature.  Happiness is walking into your nearest Amma’s South Indian cuisine, where the gentle aroma of piping hot pooris instantly greets you, setting for the perfect welcome and the promise of a memorable feast! Why wait? Reserve your table today!