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Podi Idlis are nothing but idlis combined with podi, and drizzling gingelly oil. This gives the so called bland idlis a new dimension. Idli Podi is a flavorful condiment made from roasted lentils, spices and seeds. Other names by which Idli Podi is referred to include Gun Powder, Chutney Podi, Idli Karam Podi or Idli Milagai Podi. The word podi basically means powder. Podis taste crunchy. Podi idis are slightly mellow in taste.

Basically lentils, spices and seeds are used, but adding other ingredients makes it slightly different in taste. Also, difference of measurements of the basic ingredients can also make it unique. Podi in South Indian Cooking is not restricted to Idlis, but is also used for curries, for mixing with rice, or to be sprinkled on dosas. Podi is usually served with ghee. Karuveppilai Podi is made with a generous amount of curry leaves along with lentils, spices and seeds. Garlic Paruppu Podi is loaded with garlic, different lentils and hot dry chilis. Kollu Idli Podi, is made from horse gram and spices. This versatile and healthy podi is used to flavor curries, and used with idli, dosa, and rice. Thengai podi is made with dry grated coconut along with chilis, lentils and spices. Most podis are gluten free.

Idli podi is mixed with sesame oil, and is a great combination for idli and dosa. You can make Podi idlis, Podi dosas and Ghee idlis using idli podi. For Podi idli, idli podi is mixed with sesame seed oil and applied all over the idli. In other words, idlis are marinated in a mixture of sesame oil and podi for a few minutes or hours. Longer the marination, greater will be the taste. It is a healthy, tasty breakfast and also the best snack to carry during your picnics or travel. This stays good for 1-2 days. For ghee idlis, idli podi is mixed with ghee and applied all over the idlis. This tastes heavenly. For more variations and spiciness, pepper powder can be added and lemon juice can be squeezed.

Idlis are steamed cakes made from fermented lentil and rice batter. These are one of the most basic breakfasts in traditional South Indian homes. Usually idlis are served with a chutney and/ or sambar. However there are many ways these can be served and podi idli is one of them.Podi idli is healthy and quick. With so many varieties of spice powders like idli podi, kobbari karam podi, Peanut powder, Sesame seeds podi, Flax seed podi and Curry leaves podi, warm idlis can be tossed in some podi with hot ghee. Even mini idlis can be used in place of regular idlis.

Visit Amma’s South Indian Restaurant and get mesmerized by podi idlis that originated in India.