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Living a life on a coastal town is a dream many dream; living a life on the southernmost coastal town in mainland India, shoring the waves of the Bay of Bengal, Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean, is, sadly, blessed for but a few. Unique experiences at Kanyakumari include the following: waking up to the early rays of tropical sun, walking the bustling streets that carries the scent of the seas in the ocean breeze, and bidding adieu to the Sun as it melts into the ocean on the horizon.

Kanyakumari, the town worthy of its name and beauty, rests on the southernmost tip on the Indian mainland, and it is sometimes rightfully referred to as “The Land’s End”. A city since the Sangam era, the name “Kanyakumari” can be found mentioned in many manuscripts of Old Tamil Literature and the journals in the accounts of Marco Polo and Ptolemy. To the tongues of the early Portugese sailors, the name was a twister and was referred as Cape Comorin till the end of the British Rule.

According to a Hindu legend, Kanya Devi was to marry Shiva, who failed to show up on his wedding day. The rice, pulses and the grains meant for the wedding feast were left uncooked and unused. As time went by, these uncooked grains and pulses became stones. Some believe that the small stones on the shore today, which look like rice, are indeed the grains from the wedding that was never solemnised.

The town is famous for its beach, off coast Thiruvalluvar Statue and Vivekananda Rock Memorial, and is a pilgrimage site for travellers around the globe. As the sun sets in this town, our eyes will be invited for a sight and our tongue for a tasty food fest. The local cuisines of Kanyakumari bring out the vibrance in the town’s aroma after a good long day. A plate of Pazha Bajji and a cold glass of Nungu Sarbath in the evenings along the shore of the beach is the South Indian way of spending a vacation.

Pazha Bajji is a native snack to Kanyakumari found in the town’s local tea stalls. The crunchy taste of ripened banana fried in maida batter is an experience to have when you are in town.  Nungu Sarbath is a natural and healthy cool drink that is found, not in a fancy cafe ripping your wallet for a drop, but on the roadsides with plenty to rejoice. The drink is a mix of Palm fruits and Sarbath, a syrup mix of water, sugar and lemon, served with ice.

While Amma South Indian Restaurant may not replicate the town’s history, it certainly preserves and emulates the culture of South Indian cuisines. Visit Amma South Indian Restaurant, Relish our authentic South Indian dishes, and Stay healthy!