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Signature Style of Chettinadu

Tamil Nadu is a land known for many aromatic delicacies that rule the local kitchen.  It has introduced to the world the underdog dishes like Upma and the timeless favorites such as Dosas and Idlis along with spicy curries and gravies. We have been talking a lot of boastful things about our classic dishes; it’s […]

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Bring Diwali Vibes with Bright Lights, and Mouth-watering Sweets and Snacks

Bring Diwali Vibes with Bright Lights, and Mouth-watering Sweets and Snacks The festive season of lights is beginning to brighten up the night skies. It is a festival where people put their soul above their ego, burn their false pride and commit to become better human beings. Thus, in addition to all the fun, firecrackers […]

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  Curry leaves, botanically classified as Murraya koenigii, also known as Karieppilai, Karivepaaku, Kari Patta, and Sweet neem leaves,  are native to India and Sri Lanka and are abundantly grown and used in neighboring South East Asian countries. Curry leaves are a staple green added to most of the South Indian dishes. They are not […]

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Dessert of Chettinad: Kummayam

  Dessert of Chettinad: Kummayamz Since time immemorial, the land of India has been known for its culture and tradition that remains unique to each of its regions. Indian food like its culture is varied. The blend of varied herbs and spices make every dish quite unique and special. The Moghuls, the Cholas and the […]

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The Sweet Toothed South Indian

    “Desserts are the fairy tales of the kitchen, a happily-ever-after to supper.”                                                                       – Terri Guillemets In the homes […]

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Our rich and diverse culture make us proud of standing out in this world, and one of our cultural antics include food served on a plantain leaf than on silverware or chinaware. You heard it right, and no, it doesn’t make us neanderthals. While the world relishes a seven-course meal on bowls and plates, we, […]

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Smack your lips with these South Indian Snacks

Quarantine life has us all reconnecting with our families, working on our hobbies and projects that we have shelved for many tomorrows. Huddled in our homes, a lot of us have decided to call out the inner chef in us to take over the kitchen and experiment new recipes for our taste buds and our […]

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Spices spice up flavor and rev up your metabolism

“I love Indian food – it’s my favorite cuisine. I love the mixture of spices and the subtle flavors. It’s really erotic; the spices are so sensuous.” These are the words of the Aerosmith Guitarist, Joe Perry. The love in this quote echoes the experience of savoring the delicious and healthy cuisine of South India. […]

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Typical Day at South India begins with Tantalizing Dosas-A Peek at its Variations

  Typical Day at South India begins with Tantalizing Dosas-A Peek at its Variations Crispy rice batter fried on a Tawa filled with fresh-cut vegetables served on a plate alongside chutney and lentil stew brings bliss to the taste buds, and guarantees a healthy start of your day. To know more about dosas and their […]

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